Vertical Media Network

That’s right, we built our own Forex vertical.

Many brokers looking for media buying to achieve a successful campaign, and we too rely upon continued business and is interested in your success as well. So, it’s clearly in our interests and yours to ensure that any campaign, whether focused on Forex leads and/or financial leads, is of high quality and targeted. It is paramount important to us that we work with publishers that have quality targeted visitors. Our core difference is that we are not just a marketing agency, we built and grow our own vertical including a Forex trading forum.

To ensure good results, we employ a variety of different methods to generate targeted leads and drive traffic to your site, such as display inventory on a range of quality, opt-in subscription, relevant sites, EDM, or lead capture through Co-Reg or Survey-style campaigns where possible.

Started Since Year
Media Channels
Vertical Influencers
Impressions Served
  • Websites

    We manage several web sites including Forex forum, broker listing directory, trade copier site and fund management. We provide content curation for these websites have daily organic audience and we insert tracking pixels for re-targeting.

  • Vertical Influencers

    We work with many educators, speakers and influencers such as bloggers and private traders in the FX vertical. If you need to engage their services, please contact us. Influencers work with FX Operator because we are a participating media partner with trade fairs around the world, and connect to Asia and Europe.

  • Social Media Followers

    We managed several Facebook Fan Pages and a Twitter account. These social sites allow us to attract fans and followers.