Email Marketing Services

With ForexEDM, you will create email marketing content and we will schedule to deliver your email lists and our own database.

Our all-in-one email marketing platform includes everything you need to create, send, track and benefit from email marketing – but it doesn’t stop there. It also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops too!

Self-Serve Clients
Campaigns Sent
Emails Delivered
  • Email Database

    FX Operator have our own list of targeted email database which allow customers to send emails to. All our lists are opt-in and taken from events, road shows, magazines, websites, direct inquires and via social media.

  • We are DMARC Compliant

    Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance (DMARC) is the next generation of email authentication. DMARC allows email senders to specify how ISPs should treat emails that have not been authenticated using SPF or DKIM.

  • Automated Triggers

    Automate your list management with triggers. Automatically convert leads to opportunities when they open a specific email, remove inactive leads from your list or even send a follow up email when a particular link is clicked – automatically.

  • Keep Your Lists Clean

    Keep your lists clean and up to date with automated bounce processing. Invalid email addresses can be removed from your list automatically based on “smart bounce rules”, helping keep your deliver-ability rate high.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    See the complete activity of a lead with event logging. Every time a lead opens your email, clicks a link or performs any other activity, it’s logged against their history making it easy for you sales team to qualify their desire to purchase.

  • Auto-Responder

    Follow up with prospects automatically using auto-responders. Send a series of personalized email messages to new leads at intervals you define. It’s like having your own dedicated sales team working for you around the clock.

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